Be greater than what you suffer.

(infinite exo shinee bts)

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EXO 90:2014


idk I sometimes finish sentences with a “~” bc a period seems too hard/almost angry and a blank is too blank

see you later. (secretly pissed)
see you later~ (floating away trailing glitter and fairy dust)

Jimin and his undying love for Jungkook.

140821 M!Countdown: BTS - Danger ; V 



[14/08/22 TAO’S WEIBO] doing ice bucket challenge

"Thank you zhoumi hyung for nominating me to do this meaningful event. The pain of being cold can’t even be compared with the pain of the victims who are suffering. I will not nominate anyone. While caring about the victims, caring about this rare disease and showing love to victims, i hope everyone can cherish your own health too"

Kris in upcoming movie “Somewhere Only We Know”. [x]